What we do

Bioscience is a consultancy firm servicing your environmental reporting needs, delivering plant, soil, water and microbiological analysis, and conducting R&D activities for your business. We also service the engineering side of urban developments and produce models for both hydrological and hydrogeological projects. We also specialise in environmental consulting, groundwater licensing and licence trading.

We also make products!

Our expert advice is complemented by our diverse range of unique fertilisers, soil and water treatments, custom nutrient mixes and more!

Projects big or small, we do them all!

Whether you want to know if your soil is suitable for a veggie patch, what nutrients your fruit trees are lacking, or if your bore water is safe for your family, you can get your soil, leaf, and water samples tested with us.

Our services in a nutshell

This is what we mean by "Integrating Resource Management"


We offer innovative solutions to help Australian farmers succeed in our harsh climate and environment.


We assist growers with everything from correcting nutrient deficiencies to identifying diseases.

Innovative Products

We offer a range of unique fertilisers, soil treatments and custom nutrient mixes for better soil health and crop yields.

Environmental Consulting

Contaminated Sites, Impact Assessment, Wetland Investigation, Acid Sulphate Soils, Flora and Fauna Surveys, Site and Soil Evaluation, we do them all!

Urban Development and Hydrology

We have experience in all stages of the development process, from single lot subdivision to stormwater modelling for residential development.

Groundwater Licensing and Hydrogeology

We will secure a water supply for your development. Likewise, we can trade your valuable licence for you.

Microbiology and eDNA

We routinely study microscopic organisms such as fungi and bacteria. Your soil health starts with them!

Research and Development

Our innovative R&D programs and Australia-wide trials have allowed us to develop effective solutions for all industries.

Laboratory Testing

Our experts take care of soil, water, leaf tissue, plant pathology and microbiological testing for you.

Young plant growing in soil

Soil is our specialty!

Understanding and maintaining soil health is crucial to the success of Australia’s agricultural and horticultural industries. With a focus on sustainable practices and increased productivity, our staff and laboratory can develop a plan to suit your needs.

Bioscience takes a unique and proven approach to understand soil. Whether the project relates to agriculture, horticulture, urban development or environmental management, we consider the geotechnical, chemical and biological properties of soils to develop a complete picture.

Our laboratory in Forrestdale is equipped to undertake the full range of analyses. We have invested in cutting-edge technologies to understand the complex relationships between soil microbiology, soil carbon and plant productivity. We use accredited methods for soil nutritional profiling, geotechnical testing, and microbiology.

As leaders in soil carbon accounting, we have over ten years experience in Kyoto compliant testing methodologies.

Why choose us

we have the resources to fully manage your project from start to finish

25+ years of experience

We have built an intimate understanding of Western Australia’s diverse environments.

Expert Staff

Our staff members are highly educated, dynamic and proficient in their field of study.

Fully equipped laboratory

Our modern lab is equipped to provide cutting edge analysis of your environmental samples.


Customer Satisfaction Every time!

Carbon Ag Solutions have worked closely with Bioscience over the last three years. We have relied on their knowledge of the composting and Ag industry, as well as their expertise in soil science and plant nutrition to guide our product development and trial programs. Their ability to integrate data across different disciplines has given us great insights and a competitive advantage in our industry.

Brad Wisewould Director, Carbon Ag Solutions

We use Bioscience to test for jarrah dieback in our products before delivery to clients as a matter of due diligence and to comply with our own Phytophthora management plan. Bioscience offers short and consistent turn-around times which enables us to achieve our tight delivery schedules while ensuring the ecological safety of our products.

Peter Marinovich Quality and Materials Engineer, WA Limestone

We have tried many products over the years for tree health through soil improvement and now use BIOPRIME products as our go to source. It’s simple – they have been developed by people who know soil biology, have technical support by the manufacturer that is second to none, and they work. As an arboricultural consultant, I have trialled and seen the results of BIOPRIME products. I would recommend them to anyone involved in tree care.

Steve Kneebone Director, Classic Tree Services

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